The Mount Victoria Village is nestled at the top of World Heritage listed Blue Mountains. It has an Urban Heritage listing, ensuring its architectural authenticity as a 19th Century Village.


1876 – Mount Victoria Manor was built by John R Fairfax, founder of The Sydney Morning Herald, as a mountain retreat. The original building was designed by Alexander Dean, a builder and architect, who was commissioned by Fairfax. The building reflected the grandeur of the time.
It was originally situated on about 13 acres, which was about half of the village of Mount Victoria. John Fairfax died the following year and his two sons leased the house out until 1887. One of the tenants was Mr. Aiken who opened a private boarding school within the building but was not a success and closed within a few years.

1876 to 1966 – Mr. G. H. Cooper purchased the house furnished and after obtaining an hotel license opened the Blue Mountains Manor House Hotel the Easter week of 1887. Many alterations occurred over the next eight years in the process of creating a tourist hotel but the beauty of the house remains with the Fairfax monogram still gracing the entrance and front of the main house. The name was changed to Cooper’s Grand Hotel and remained so until 1966.
G.H. Cooper’s daughter inherited the property on the death of her father and she, along with her husband, managed the hotel until the late 1930’s. Mrs Ward, G.H. Cooper’s granddaughter, was the proprietor from the late 1930’s until the mid 1960’s.

Mount Victoria Manor History Dining Room


1960’s to 1988 – The building was then sold to The Logos Foundation. During this time the building was known as Westwood Lodge.

1988 to 1991 – The Patterson Family purchased the property and the name was changed back to The Grand.

1991 to 2015 – The Lenton Family bought The Grand and the name was reverted back to The Manor House with ‘Blue Mountains’ behing added.

2105 to present – 2015 saw a change of ownership and the properthy is now known as Mount Victoria Manor to give the property back to the community of Mount Victoria.

A major renovation is currently underway with the vision of producing a property where the theme ‘Heritage with a Twist’ is being used to re-establish a historically important building that reflects not only it’s history but also it’s place in the community and in the 21st Century.

Denise and Garry invite you to share their passion for Mount Victoria Manor and to experience Mount Victoria and all it has to offer – right at the top of the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains.

Mount Victoria Manor History Dining Room


Boutique accommodation in the heart of Mount Victoria in the World Heritage Area of the Blue Mountains NSW.